Sunday, July 20, 2014

Our three-words-at-a-time game

Tonight I played the three-words-at-a-time story game with Silke, Moxie, and Hannah. I promise, we weren't even eating sugar. We must simply be this twisted...

Once upon a time there was a girl. Her name was Alex. She always wanted to play with her neighbors' kids. It was creepy because the neighbors were skeletons. They had died 200 milleniums ago. Alex dug up some skeletons and put them in a body bag, then offered them to stay with her while her aunt moved out. Unfortunately the skeletons started after her and she ran into a demon. The Queen of England tried to stop this nonsense. However the demon ate the queen, and then the demons had a party. The good news was that they were near a cemetery. So they unearthed King Arthur to rescue them. And it worked! The demon was cordially invited to a grand ball. Arthur and Lancelot were there too. The skeletons all posted pictures of the party on Instagram. They got Alex and Arthur. Then they were satisfied and died. Dead on dancefloor. Dead on dancefloor. And the queen went home. The most unfortunate end.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Cancelling my Planet Fitness membership was easy

Sunday 5/18/2014: I went into my Planet Fitness in Richmond, California, and said I'd like to cancel my membership. The staff person said I could cancel there in person, but not at that moment, because it was 15 minutes before closing on a Sunday. (This location closes at 7:00 PM on a Sunday.) I asked him whether actually I need to send a certified letter, which I had heard was necessary. The staff person said yes that works too, but the easier way is to put it into the computer right there in the franchise. He said I'm already being billed for May; if I cancel by June 10 them I avoid the June 19 bill.

Next day, Monday 5/19/2014: I successfully cancelled, 9:45 p.m. They have a standard process with a paper form which they then entered into the computer. It was so fast, I asked the guy if we were all done. He turned his computer screen around and showed me the word "Cancelled" on my record.

I wouldn't expect every cancellation experience to go just as smoothly as mine did. You might encounter an irritable staff person, perhaps tied down by a manager who pushes the staff to slow down the cancellation process. My point is, the corporate parent definitely does offer a standard, convenient way to cancel -- paper form plus computer update, right there while you wait. If you experience something different, it might be the individual location departing from the standard corporate process.

Planet Fitness Cancellation Form. J: 1/23/13. L: 2/16/14. Club: Richmond. Date: 5/19/14. Notice: Any membership can be cancelled with 30 days written notice, preferably by certified mail. If this membership has a "minimum" term, and you wish to cancel prematurely, a "Buy Out" fee is required for cancellation. Membership #: (redacted). Name: Mitchell Evan. Reason For Membership Being Cancelled? not using. Any comments or suggestions? blank. By my signature below, I have read, understand and agree to the "Notice" section of this form. Member's Signature (redacted). Date: 5/19/14. Office use only section. This Planet Fitness is a franchise of Pla-Fit Franchise, L.L.C. and is independently owned and operated.