Saturday, April 29, 2006

"From Body to Spirit"

Last week I ran into Marty on 2nd Street in San Francisco. He developed
this piece in a writing workshop. I am happy to help him spread the
word. I invite you to consider...

"From Body to Spirit" By Martin Ross

Abstaining from eating as long as you can is the secret of life.
Abstaining from eating as long as we can is the sole purpose of human
life, our lives as human beings has no other purpose, for abstaining
from eating is how human beings evolve. Brothers and Sisters it was not
meant for us to depend on this planet's resources all of our lives of
which the main and most important one is food, for if we didn't eat we
would not be dependent or use any of the other resources of this planet.
Our physical bodies is merely a shell that houses our true selves which
is spirit, our spirits are immortal, omniscient, and omnipotent, our
spirits are not dependent upon the resources of this planet. Brothers
and Sisters it was meant for human beings to evolve to transcend their
physical bodies by concentrating all their efforts at abstaining from
eating as long as they possibly can and there by allowing there immortal
spirit to develop. Brothers and Sisters there is no other issue as
important in our lives as how often we eat, all other issues concerning
our lives simply have their root cause in how often we eat. Brothers and
Sisters our fates are determined solely by how often we eat, and we need
not concern ourselves with any other issue, because they are merely just
a consequence of our eating habits, and if we begin to take seriously
how often we eat, all other issues will come under our control.

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