Friday, February 06, 2009

For me, for all, forever

What will my next work be?

Couple of days ago lunching with Christopher, I reflected whether I would become a city planner, or a teacher. Following the principle of "least regret" I chose Teacher. This is inspiring me! And last night on further reflection, I realized I already am a teacher. I teach my daughters all the time

So, early this morning I spent an hour reading up on how to become a teacher. I would make a good candidate for Oakland Teaching Fellows.

But then I found and I looked through their list of nonprofits. I assembled this list which would totally fulfill my vision of peaceful people...
* Urban Affairs
* Energy Conservation and Green Living
* International Cooperation
* Voting, Democracy, and Civic Engagement
* Social Enterprise and Economic Development
* Multi-Service Community Agency
* Network of Nonprofit Organizations
* Library or Resource Center

So the inquiry is still on. Library, Network, or Multi-Service is looking like a winner.

p.s. The blog title is a playful paraphrasing of a South African political slogan: Some, For All, Forever.

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