Thursday, October 13, 2011

One college senior graduates debt-free, and is grateful for minimum wage jobs

This one is circulating: College senior graduates completely debt-free ... Never mind that it's a professionally shot and Photoshopped image. I do believe in the virtues of hard work and frugality -- but I do not agree with the implication that our collective suffering is caused mainly by a bunch of lazy people on the dole.

So anyway, I liked one commenter's reply :)
Text of image:

I am a sasquatch, living completely debt-free.
I pay for all of my expenses by working scale and occasionally tipping off tabloid reporters looking for a Big Foot sighting.
I chose to live in a state park instead of a fancy private zoo. I get leftover picnic spreads which cover 90% of my meals, the rest I have to forage for.
I live comfortably in the forest, knowing I can't have everything I want. I don't have a credit card or new car, and my Blackberry is as good as dead these days. I get all my news from month old newspapers instead one of those fancy tablets. I'll also have to wait until Footloose comes to Qwikster instead of seeing it in the theatre. If I did have debt, I would not blame Wall St or the government for my own bad decisions. I would probably blame the Loch Ness Monster.
I am NOT the 99% because I don't exist.
Whether or not you choose to believe in fairytales is YOUR decision.
On a more serious note: Here's the same work ethic, more believable, and without the "do this or you're stupid" attitude: How I Graduated College Debt Free and Survived

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