Sunday, July 20, 2014

Our three-words-at-a-time game

Tonight I played the three-words-at-a-time story game with Silke, Moxie, and Hannah. I promise, we weren't even eating sugar. We must simply be this twisted...

Once upon a time there was a girl. Her name was Alex. She always wanted to play with her neighbors' kids. It was creepy because the neighbors were skeletons. They had died 200 milleniums ago. Alex dug up some skeletons and put them in a body bag, then offered them to stay with her while her aunt moved out. Unfortunately the skeletons started after her and she ran into a demon. The Queen of England tried to stop this nonsense. However the demon ate the queen, and then the demons had a party. The good news was that they were near a cemetery. So they unearthed King Arthur to rescue them. And it worked! The demon was cordially invited to a grand ball. Arthur and Lancelot were there too. The skeletons all posted pictures of the party on Instagram. They got Alex and Arthur. Then they were satisfied and died. Dead on dancefloor. Dead on dancefloor. And the queen went home. The most unfortunate end.

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