Saturday, January 10, 2009

Measuring what?

On Tuesday I had lunch with Alan at Cocina Poblana. The things we do and talk about every day make a huge difference. Example: Barack Obama was not planning to be president when he was bickering with his friends in college. We're always preparing for the Big Thing we're meant to do.

Then on Thursday I sat down with Adam T., the building guard. He cautioned me that Obama is not going to clean house and make things right, because the system is already thoroughly set up to continue as it is. He's right. We won't see immediate results. But my conclusion is that the individual person with vision can in fact make a huge difference, in the longer term.

I have been preocuppied with measurable results. For example: the triple bottom line is supposed to make the right things happen, by changing the playing field. That may be necessary, but it's not sufficient. We still need leaders with vision. That includes presidents, teachers, and parents. I think I might be two of those things.

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