Saturday, March 28, 2009

Earth Hour

Moxie and I left yummy Cugini Restaurant right at 8:30 and nudged the hostess to maybe dim the lights! She knew about it and had already talked to the manager, but wasn't sure about their decision.

When we got home we kept our lights turned on to a minimum.

I don't know whether this makes a miniscule difference or a gigantic difference. Either way, we'll keep on touting the virtues of low consumption, until we reach a tipping point.

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gnomeman said...

Every hour is earth hour. I turn off my monitor at work when I run off for a meeting. I keep a nightlight (off) in the bathroom so I don't have to power up 5 overhead lights in the middle of the night. It saves power and I don't end up light-blind stumbling back to the comfort of bed.